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Which is the price of hope for life?
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DURATION: 50 min.

India is known as the global medicine production factory. It has a thriving pharmaceutical industry that produces quality medicine at affordable prices.

These are the so called generics, copies of the original drugs produced by the big pharmaceutical companies of the West. They are equally effective, but are sold at incomparably lower prices than the originals. That is why they are of incalculable value to poor people in India and the, so called, developed world.

In the face of competition, the big pharmaceutical companies fight back holding a powerful weapon in their hands, the patents, attempting to strike India’s generic drug industry and consolidate their monopoly worldwide.

It is a real war of interests, where corporate profits are, more literally than ever, juxtaposed to human lives.

The"© Life Copyright” follows the case of the Swiss company Novartis that sued the Indian state, starting thus a landmark legal battle. A battle so important that could threaten the access of billions of poor people around the world to affordable lifesaving drugs.


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