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In Mali, 85% of women have suffered excision. As little girls are being kept captive by tradition and superstition, could this deeply rooted custom be eliminated?
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DURATION: 55 min.

"Love hurts three times - when they cut you, when you marry and when you give birth"

Old African saying.


Excision is an ancient custom that survives to this day. An excruciating operation on the female body, which is mainly encountered in African countries. Across the world, 140.000 girls and women have already suffered genital mutilation (FGM). Six girls are being mutilated every passing moment. In Mali the percentage of sexually mutilated women reaches up to 85%! Little girls that are being kept captive by tradition and superstition are being submitted to the cruel custom in a defenseless manner, experiencing awful consequences throughout their life. Both the government and activist organizations in Mali are struggling against the practice these past few years. Will they be able to beat a deeply rooted tradition?



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