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In Waziristan between Pakistan and Afghanistan, an astonishing documentary into the hideout of “new” Taliban, where no western foot has ever been set.
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DURATION: 58 min.

The "revival of the Taliban" is a fact. And Pakistan is the new centre of developments in Central Asia, for it is from its grounds that the new waves of fighters with the black turbans, and their continuous attacks, unexpectedly shift the geopolitical map of Central Asia, as well as the international balances.

The hideout and base of operations of the "new Taliban" is located in the rough and inaccessible mountains of the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Not only western people, but even the authorities of Pakistan themselves are incapable of reaching Waziristan, the inaccessible region of the Pashtun Tribal Areas. The creators of this astonishing documentary managed to get remarkable access.



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