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The chronicle of the 29 days of Tunisian Revolution that changed the course of history
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DURATION: 56 min.

It has been called the “Rebellion of Dignity”. The spark that was set off by the self-immolation of a 26-year-old in a Tunisian provincial town spread like fire in the entire country. The cry of the Tunisians who demanded freedom and fought for their right to work shook the entire world and gave, once again, a historic role to optimism. Ben Ali, the once almighty dictator, fled the country and his corrupt regime was unmasked. The first revolution of the 21st century is a fact and the Arab world will never be the same again.

“29 Days” goes back to the beginning, to the roots of the “Arab spring”. Through the soul-stirring testimonies of those who were in the middle of it and the rich archive that they salvaged from the period of the uprising, the documentary presents the chronicle of the 29 days that changed the course of history.




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