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During the global financial crisis, gold has hit record prices. This collection shows the globally ongoing new Gold Rush Fever through a revealing journey of 3 hours in the bowels of earth.
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Gold is the barometer of fear.

In the midst of the global financial crisis, on the 22nd of August 2011, it hit a historic high of 1889.70 dollars an ounce! an almost unbelievable price, taking into consideration that 10 years ago this much gold cost only 271 dollars.

As expected, governments and enterprises wished to take advantage of this “gold” opportunity, as fast as possible.

Yorgos Avgeropoulos and his team, record this globally ongoing new Gold Rush Fever through a revealing journey of 3 hours in the bowels of earth.

An unseen image of collateral loses, profit and greed, springs out of three different (but also similar) cases in Colombia, Romania and Greece, during this quest for a new El Dorado.




  • When the Spanish conquistadors reached Colombia in the 16th century, they thought they had found the mythical El Dorado.  In amazement, they watched a ritual at Lake Guatavita, near modern day Bogota, in which the leader of the Muiscas, naked and coated with gold dust, threw enormous amounts of gold into the water as an offering to the gods.
    Five centuries later, with gold prices skyrocketing due to the global economic crisis, this time multinational companies are searching Colombia for the new El Dorado. And they are not alone. Guerrillas, paramilitaries, and drug cartels are all claiming a share of the legendary gold deposits.
    Gold rush fever, along with cocaine, fuels the civil war which has been raging in the country for over 40 years. It is an invisible form of collateral damage inflicted by the economic turbulence engulfing the planet.


  • Rosia Montana is a village of 4,000 inhabitants, nestled in a green valley in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, with a 2000-year-long history. Its underground holds a treasure, namely Europe’s largest gold deposit! There are, on the whole, 240 tons of gold, which the Canadian company Gabriel Resources plans to exploit by constructing Europe’s largest opencast gold mine in the area.

    The historically high prices of this precious metal make this investment particularly profitable for the company. On the other side, the Romanian state believes that, during this period of global economic crisis, this project will bring development, workplaces and immediate profits of 4 billion dollars.

    Despite all this, there are some determined inhabitants, who have been resisting for years, and who believe that Rosia Montana’s true treasure is not its gold. If the realization of the mine requires the residents’ relocation, the environment’s pollution and the destruction of Rosia Montana’s ancient cultural inheritance, who is the one to decide if all this is worth the sacrifice?


  • The exploitation of the country’s mineral wealth is projected as the most reasonable solution to deal with the economic crisis that plagues Greece. The Greek state has ceded its mining rights over 31.700 ha of land in northern Halkidiki, a region rich in gold, copper and other metals, to the Canadian multinational company Eldorado Gold. However, many of the region’s inhabitants, who have been resisting the construction of a goldmine for years, claim that this investment will cause irreparable damage to the environment and the benefits will be fewer than the losses.

    “Cassandra’s Treasure” presents a detailed picture of the modern Greek state before and during the crisis period.


    DURATION: Approximately 3 hours (3 Discs X 55 min.)

    TECHNICAL DATA: Language: Greek / Subtitles: Εnglish / Sound: Dolby Stereo / Picture: 16:9 PAL / Year of Production: 2012



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